Japan Society, New York

Japan Society

Arte Japonesa no coração de NYC.

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Bye Bye Kitty!!!
Between Heaven and Hell in Contemporary Japanese Art

Friday, March 18 — Sunday, June 12 Moving far beyond the stereotypes of kawaii and otaku culture, Bye Bye Kitty!!! features sixteen emerging and mid-career artists whose paintings, objects, photographs, videos, and installations meld traditional styles with challenging visions of Japan’s troubled present and uncertain future. Visit the Exhibition Site



Friday, March 18, 7:30 PM

An anti-noir film with unusual sheen and clarity, Ryuji is touched with breathtaking moments of loveliness and hints of peace, the blend of moral brinksmanship, and restrained visuals.


Cordoning the Child, Killing the Kawaii

Saturday, March 19, 12:30 PM

This talk examines the ways many young Japanese artists have confronted cultural stereotypes, digesting, recycling, and re-imagining tradition in a challenging and at times visceral exposition of contemporary experience.


Yakuza Wives

Saturday, March 19, 5 PM

Yakuza Wives became a huge hit and the first movie of a long-running classic series exposing the women who live in the shadows in a harsh, bright, crimson light.


Outrage: The Way of the Modern Yakuza

Saturday, March 19, 7:30 PM

“Beat” Takeshi Kitano is back… to a world without heroes. It’s Kitano’s first yakuza film since Brother and arguably his best in a decade.

333 East 47th Street New York, NY 10017 Phone: 212.832.1155 Box Office: 212.715.1258
Japan Society

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Maníaco por museus de todo mundo. Eles trazem a história, o futuro, o diferente e a cultura. Entretenimento e educação. Viaje em maniamuseu.
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