O Eterno Encanto do Vestido de Noiva

What will she Wear?

Image: What Will She Wear? display

Valentines Day opening for ‘What will she wear?’ exhibition

February 2011

A special display to celebrate the Royal weddings of 2011 opens at Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Fashion Museum on Monday 14 February.


Over 30 of the Fashion Museum’s most exquisite cream, ivory and white the finest wedding dresses will be on show at the ‘What will she wear? The enduring romance of the wedding dress’ exhibition . Many of the exhibits are over 100 years old, delicate silks with gossamer fine lace and embroidery, all  carefully hand-picked for the new display.


Image: What Will She Wear? The enduring Romance of the Weding Dress

Cream/gold brocade silk wedding dress from the 1940s, worn by Eileen Brokenbrow

Image: What Will She Wear? display

What Will She Wear? display

Image: Contesse de Mortemart

The Contesse Mortemart wearing a wedding dress by Worth, 1930s from the Fashion Museum’s collection of photographs of wedding gowns by Paris couturier Worth, which will also be part of the display.

“The Royal weddings in April and later this year give us the perfect opportunity to share the riches of the Fashion Museum’s collection of wedding dresses with our visitors,” commented Rosemary Harden, Manager of the Council-run Fashion Museum.


WHAT WILL SHE WEAR? (the question of course asked of every bride) will include wedding dresses lovingly made of the finest silks brocaded with metal thread, lustrous silk satins, even crisp white nylons; some of the dresses are decorated with ribbons and bows, some with cascades of antique lace and some are just heart-stoppingly beautiful in their pared-down classical elegance. We are aiming to show the richness and variety of the white wedding dress down the ages, as well  of course the enduring romance of the traditional style”.


White has been the colour most associated with wedding dress in western cultures for well over 200 years and WHAT WILL SHE WEAR?will present historical examples from the early 19th century. The most up to date wedding dress in the exhibition is a white lace dress, with an asymmetric hem by designer Alexander McQueen worn in Summer 2010, and especially lent to the Fashion Museum for the display.


The display at the Fashion Museum will also include a selection of framed sepia photographs, all part of a   previously unseen archive collection of 1930s wedding dresses by the Paris couture house of Worth.


What Will She Wear? Royal Wedding Teas

There will also be a series of Royal Wedding Teas in March and April, at the Tea Room in the Assembly Room. There will be tea and cakes and Fashion Museum Manager Rosemary Harden will give an illustrated talk about Royal Wedding Dresses. Tickets include admission to the Fashion Museum and the ‘”What will she wear?” exhibition.


The teas take place on Tuesdays March 15, March 29 and April 12, at 3pm. Tickets are £12 or £10 for Discovery Card holders and are available from Bath Festivals Box Office at 2 Church St, or call 01225 463 362.



What Will She Wear? photography competition

The Fashion Museum is inviting visitors to upload a ‘family fashion show’ on their website – they are looking for images of your wedding dress, your mother’s or your grandmother’s (ideally all 3) along with any information, where they were worn and when. You can upload up to three photographs showing the fashions at any one wedding. The competition will close on June 14th. The prize will be a day out in Bath for 2, including a ticket to the Fashion Museum and champagne tea in the Pump Room. Logon to the website at http://www.visitorreview.com/weddingdressphoto


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