Conheça o Darwin Centre

Daisy species
Aos "darvinianos" de plantão, um centro que traz os estudos e 
a lógica de Darwin a níveis espetaculares de interação no 
Natural History Museum de Londres.

Visiting the Darwin Centre

Uncover the science of nature

Curious? Meet our Darwin Centre science guides in this video

The landmark Darwin Centre is now open to the public. Museum visitors can explore world-class science in action in a dramatic new public space.

The Darwin Centre is a state-of-the-art science and collections facility. The building is the most significant expansion at the Museum since it moved to South Kensington in 1881.

See world-leading scientists at work, incredible specimens, exciting displays and much more.

Entrance is free
10.00 – 17.50
No advance booking is required

The Darwin Centre is open at After Hours until 22.30, excluding December. Next dates:

  • 28 January 2011
  • 25 February 2011

Find out about After Hours

Find out about the Darwin Centre’s many attractions including the spectacular Cocoon experience and high-tech Attenborough Studio.

Experience Cocoon


Take the Cocoon journey. Share the excitement of exploring, studying and preserving nature in this dramatic public space and state-of-the-art scientific research centre.
No advance booking is required.

Experience Cocoon at night

Films in the Attenborough Studio

Experience augmented reality in our new interactive film

Go on a virtual journey through our evolutionary past in Who do you think you really are? See prehistoric creatures brought to life in the studio in front of you. Sir David Attenborough narrates this interactive film now showing daily in the Attenborough Studio. Free
Watch the interactive film trailer

Drop in to the Attenborough Studio and catch one of our other 3 short 15-minute films showing daily.
Find out more about films at the Museum

Stunning specimens revealed

Marvel at 100s of specimens, displays and interactives.
Explore the specimen collection

Cutting-edge science in action

See scientists at work on vital research and delve into the science of nature.

Glimpse the grandeur of the building
Cocoon from below

View the breathtaking Darwin Centre cocoon building from all angles in our slideshow. See the latest photos.

Find out about the fearless abseilers who cleaned the cocoon exterior.
Cleaning the cocoon news article

Darwin Centre supporters

The Natural History Museum is grateful for the support of the following donors.

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