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Quem diria que a boneca Barbie é também fã de cultura? No caso ela é a própria cultura – um brinquedo ícone que atravessou gerações e países. Revelação: Ken fez 50 anos! (imagine a idade real da Barbie, que ela quer esconder).Barbie® Museum Exhibition

1960 Fashion Designer/
Busy Gal Barbie®
1961 Bubble-Cut
Barbie® Case (red-Color)
Photo by James Greene
1971 Malibu Ken®
and Barbie®
Photo by James Greene

2008 Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA)
Sorority Centennial Barbie®

Ken Doll is 50 Exhibit & Jef Beck Book-signing at MLFH

Ken is turning 50 in 2011. Visit the Barbie exhibit at MLFH to view a display of Ken and Barbie dolls through the years.  We’ve got Ken from when he went from a fuzzy head of hair to plastic!

Mattel’s Brief Facts about Ken:

  • His full name is Ken Carson
  • Ken® is named after the son of Mattel founders Ruth and Elliott Handler
  • Ken® is a Pisces — his “official birthday” is March 11, 1961 (According to Ken doll aficianados the “official birthday” is actually March 13, 1961)
  • Ken® is two years and two days younger than Barbie®
  • Ken® is from Willows, Wisconsin
  • Ken® stands 12” tall, 1⁄2” taller than Barbie®
  • In 1961, a Ken® doll sold for $3.50
  • The first Ken® doll wore red swim trunks, sported cork sandals and carried a yellow towel
  • In 1961, two versions of Ken® doll were launched with “molded” plastic hair — blond and brunette
  • In 1973, Ken® debuted a new “real” rooted hairstyle
  • Ken® has a younger brother, Tommy® (1997)
  • Ken’s best friend is Alan™, the husband of Midge®
  • Ken® met Barbie® on the set of their first television commercial together in 1961
  • Barbie® and Ken® broke up on Valentine’s Day in 2004
  • Ken® received a makeover by celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch in 2006
  • In Summer 2010, Ken® made his big screen debut in Toy Story 3, which included more than 50 costume changes

Ken is turning 50! The Ken® doll was introduced by Mattel in 1961 as the boyfriend of Barbie®, the Teen-Age Fashion Model.  He is two-years younger than his gal-pal Barbie®.  Ken Carson was named after the son of Mattel’s co-founders, Ruth & Elliot Handler, who was named Kenneth.

He has been Barbie’s first and only true love.  When Ken® arrived 50 years ago, he was featured with flocked (fleeced) blonde or brunette hair, and he wore red cotton swim-trunks, cork sandals and carried a yellow terry-cloth towel.  In 1962, Ken’s coiff went plastic.  By 1965, Ken® and Barbie® had an official wedding ceremony but Barbie® already had her wedding dress by 1959 that retailed for $5.00.  Mattel introduced the 1965 wedding as the “Wedding Day Party” that included a tuxedoed-Ken® doll and a “Wedding Party” doll case.

Ken has always been as equally stylish as Barbie®, but in the beginning years his physique was boyish and sensitive-looking so in the mid-1960s his image was remodeled to be more athletic because his pubescent features seemed outdated.  This change in his image also meant that his clothes had more masculine-sounding names like Ken’s 1962 “Casuals” was renamed “Holiday Hiking” in 1965.  Responding to the Civil Rights Movement and Black Pride Era of the 1960s, Mattel added black dolls. In 1968, Ken was joined by his first African American friend named Brad who was the black boyfriend for Barbie’s first African American friend named Christie. However, the first full-fledge African American Ken doll appeared in the 1980s.

The Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History in Boynton Beach, Florida is celebrating 50 years of Ken in its Barbie: History, Fashions & More exhibit.  This exhibit has been modified from its original display that opened in year 2009 for Barbie’s 50th birthday.

This Barbie & Ken exhibit at MLFH is not affiliated with Mattel.

The Barbie® exhibit is an anthropological, multi-media, history  exhibition  with numerous dolls, family members, friends, clothes and accessories on display.

On August 3, 2010, a modified format of the Barbie exhibit re-opened and is still on display, NOW! The new modified version of the Barbie exhibit is a continuous display but the items in the exhibit will be displayed on a rotating seasonal basis; and during the Christmas holidays (Nov-Jan) a special display of Holiday Barbie dolls and ornaments will be showcased.

Sun Herald Newspaper (Biloxi, Gulfport & South Mississippi)

Biloxi native designs shoes for … Barbie®?

By SARAH CURE – Sun Herald
BILOXI – At 21 years old, Biloxi native Rebecca Washum has achieved a feat most aspiring fashion designers can only hope to accomplish during their tenure in the competitive industry — designing one-of-a-kind shoes exclusively for that legendary American icon, the Barbie ® doll.

As a third-year accessory design major at Miami International University of Art and Design, Washum’s signature Malibu Barbie® peep-toe wedgie was one of 16 footwear designs selected to be showcased at “Barbie ®: The Golden Anniversary,” a history and anthropological exhibit at the Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion History in Boynton Beach, Fla.
Through a curriculum-infusion project developed by the museum, design students created footwear designs and clothing sketches for futuristic Barbie under the guidance of MIU professors Amy Berkowitz and Lynda Devita.
“(Washum) is extremely talented, creative, thinks outside the box and isn’t afraid to take risks,” Berkowitz, a MIU shoe design and product development professor, said. “Rebecca has done some unbelievable shoe designs and there are some original designs that have already been made in Colombia.”
Inspired by the tone and vivacity of 1970s Malibu, Washum’s design uses a bright-pink, yellow and teal color scheme and is embellished with a fuzzy fleece material. But the most exquisite feature of the heels are the mini-oasis scenes, reminiscent of sunny California, built in the hollow wedge of each shoe.
“I wanted to convey the spirit of what Barbie is all about and the colors of Malibu during that time frame in Barbie®‘s extensive, fun and poppy history,” said Washum, a 2007 graduate of St. Martin High School. “Deep turquoise, hot ‘poppy’ pinks, sunny yellows and lush greens are very indicative of the fun, carefree feeling during that period.”
The exhibition developed by the museum covers 50 years of Barbie®‘s cultural influence and includes vintage Barbie® dolls, such as the original 1959 Barbie®, 1960 Busy Gal Barbie®, 1970s Malibu Barbie® and accessories, 1963 Midge doll, 1961 Ken® dolls, and 1970s Skipper doll. Also on display is the Diane Von Furstenberg original jersey wrap dress designed for the first-ever 50th Anniversary Barbie® Runway Show in 2009 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
The exhibition will end April 1.
“I am excited about getting my work out there for the world to see because the more eyes that witness something, the more real that thing becomes,” said Washum, who also designs clothes, hats, handbags and jewelry. “I was superfluously overjoyed that my work would no longer be just the fodder of my own personal enjoyment and the enjoyment of a few close friends and relatives. It makes creating it, the process, the outcome and everything so much more fulfilling.”
Tuesday, Jan 19, 2010
Posted on Mon, Jan. 18, 2010

(Please note: Barbie®:The Golden Anniversary exhibit has been extended  to July 11, 2010 and is still on display. More dolls have been added and the exhibit has been expanded. Effective April 1, 2010, new exhibit name is Barbie®: History, Fashions and More.)

Barbie®: History, Fashions & More is organized in the following categories:



· Barbie® is inspired by Lilli.

· The origins of Barbie®



· Barbie® as Busy Gal/Fashion Designer

· Barbie gets a boyfriend

· Barbie’s® Best Friend Midge®

· Barbie’s® Sister Skipper®

· Barbie’s® other family and friends

· Barbie’s® physique evolves

· Barbie® & Ken® Get Married



· Malibu Barbie®, Ken®, P.J.®, Francie® and Skipper®

· Barbie’s® physique evolves again



· First Black Barbie® is introduced

· First Hispanic Barbie® is introduced

· Mattel introduces the Multi-Cultural Barbie’s® of the World

· Barbie’s® physique evolves again



· Collector Edition Barbie® and Ken® Dolls are introduced and gain popularity

· Major American and European fashion designers create clothes for Barbie®

· Totally Hair Barbie® becomes #1 selling Barbie®



· Barbie® Pets

· Barbie® Collector Edition

· Barbie’s® physique evolves again



· Barbie® has numerous careers


The following is a brief list of a few of the vintage dolls and accessories that are displayed in the exhibit:

Original 1959 Barbie® Doll (first Barbie Doll)

1960 Busy Gal/Fashion Designer Barbie®

Bubble Hairdo 1964 Barbie® Doll

1970s Malibu Barbie® Dolls and accessories

NASCAR Barbie®

Space Camp Barbie®

Miss America Barbie®

Audrey Hepburn Barbie®

Peruvian Barbie®

Australian Barbie®

Morocco Barbie®

Peruvian Barbie®

Arctic Barbie®

Native American Barbie®

South African Princess Barbie®

Sign-language Barbie®

1963 Midge Doll

1961 Ken Dolls

1970s Skipper Doll

Although the Barbie®: History, Fashions & More exhibit has hundreds of dolls, some Barbie® owners and collectors have inquired after the exhibit opened if they could provide their dolls to the Museum for display in the exhibit.  Anyone who wishes to loan or donate items to the Museum may contact the Museum via email, phone or postal mail and provide their contact information and a description of the item that they wish to provide to the Museum. Contact can be made to the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History at P.O. Box 6127, Delray Beach, Florida 33482 or e-mail or e-mail

History of the Barbie® Doll:

The Barbie® doll was invented in 1959 by Ruth Handler (co-founder of Mattel), whose own daughter was named Barbara. Barbie® was introduced to the world at the American Toy Fair in New York City.  From the time of its introduction to the market, the Barbie Doll has enjoyed unparallel success and continues to be a prized collection for the collector, still among the top choices of play toys for children and a benchmark of comparison for other dolls.  Even though the success of the doll continues, there is also still the controversy from a segment of the public surrounding the Barbie® Doll’s portrayal of beauty and a body figure that would be impossible to obtain if the doll was a real person.  The Ken® doll in the Barbie® line of dolls was named after Ruth Handler’s son.

For more information, call 561-243-2662 or e-mail:

Other exhibits on display at the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History:
In addition to the Barbie®: The Golden Anniversary exhibit, the Museum has on display an exhibition titled Fashion Treasures which consists of a display of fashion clothes, household objects and other artifacts from the late 1800s to the 1960s along with historical data about how these artifacts and history relating to any particular period in time is reflected in the fashions and lifestyle of that era.  One of the primary missions of the exhibits at the MLFH is to showcase the strong, inseparable correlations between history, fashion and lifestyle.   The items in the Fashion Treasures exhibit are from the MLFH permanent archival collection. Fashion Treasures exhibit at the Museum is a permanent on-going exhibition with periodic changes/additions of different archival artifacts.  On August 3, 2010, MLFH will premiere its Lilly exhibit about the more than 50 years of Lilly Pulitzer Palm Beach fashions.  Lilly will be display August 3, 2010 thru May 31, 2011.


More information about Museumof Lifestyle & Fashion History:
Since 1999, the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History has hosted more than twenty exhibitions including traveling exhibitions from the
Smithsonian Institution of Washington, D.C.  The exhibit topics have included the history of lunch boxes, magazine covers as well as displays about hats, handbags and gloves. In year 2004, the MLFH was designated as the Best New Museum by the Broward-Times Newspaper.

From 2003-2005, the Museum was located in a rent-free 8,000 square feet facility in the former Pineapple Grove Shops Plaza located in the 300 Block of Pineapple Grove Way in the Main Street District of Downtown Delray Beach, Florida. That space in the plaza was generously donated by the owners, A.M. Davis Mercantile.  The Museum had to move from that location because when the plaza was sold, and the new owner demolished it in 2005 along with all buildings in that entire City block for redevelopment although the redevelopment has not happened yet and the site is presently mostly vacant land.

Although MLFH had been without a facility for a few years, MLFH has continued to offer and present various programs such as the regular monthly Narrated Bus Tours of Historic Delray Beach; the Children’s Mathematics Narrated Bus Tour of Historic Delray Beach; the annual Children & Parents Day Winter Wonderland; and the annual Swedish Enchantment event.  For the bus tours, the accolades have included Best Bets in Palm Beach County in 2006 & 2005 by the Gold Coast Edition of Guest Informant Magazine; and  in 2006, the Museum’s Narrated Bus Tours of Historic of Delray Beach were selected as Unique Travel Gem by AAA Travel Home & Away Magazine of Mid-America.  In May 2008 and June 2006, the Museum’s Narrated Bus Tours of Historic Delray Beach were selected as Best Tour of the Town by The Palm Beacher & Gold Coast Magazines.

Barbie® is a registered trademark of the Mattel Corporation.  Barbie®: The Golden Anniversary exhibit has been developed, organized and presented by the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History.  This exhibit is not a Mattel program.

Diane Von Furstenberg Barbie®
Diane Von Furstenberg Barbie®
2009 Corvette Barbie® shoes designed by Aja Butler-Burns from Silver Spring, Maryland
2009 Couture Barbie® shoes designed by Marcela Riveros of Miami, Florida
2009 Funky Disco Barbie® shoes designed by Priscilla Texidor of San Juan, Puerto Rico
2009 Malibu Barbie® shoes designed by Rebecca Washum of Biloxi, Mississippi

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