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Sexual Nature gallery entrance

E no início, o sexo. Se você está lendo este post é porque nasceu de um ato sexual, bem como todas as espécies vivas. Daí dizer que houve um ser macho e um ser fêmea para criar a prole já não é 100% acurado. Como também quanto ao ato da cópula, dizer que houve toque (sim, há “tiro ao alvo” na natureza). Isto sem dizer que há espécies que cantam, uivam, mudam de cor, batem, mordem e morem de amor literalmente. Conheça uma exposição muito interessante no Natural History Museum de Londres que mostra através de fotos incríveis como as coisas se dão, ops, acontecem.

Sexual Nature exhibition
Open 10.00-17.50 daily, last admission 17.15

Anything goes in the animal kingdom, so leave your preconceptions at the door and undress the science of sex in this stimulating exhibition.

Explore sexual selection and different mating systems as you encounter fascinating Museum specimens, live creatures and witness dramatic BBC wildlife footage and other revealing films. The exhibition contains specimens and specially commissioned exhibits that have never been on public display before.


The world of sex

Step inside the sensuously-lit Sexual Nature exhibition and you’ll be greeted instantly by astonishing photography, surprising film footage and extraordinary Museum specimens.

Sexual Nature gallery displays 

It’s the way that you do it

From buxom blossoms and flamboyant feathers to awesome antlers and barbed penises, the tools of seduction and reproduction are endless. You’ll learn about many bizarre sexual techniques in the animal world.

Mating deer 

Mating couples on camera

The exhibition gallery is adorned with sepia and black-and-white images depicting animals in sexual congress like this one. Large film screen panels project close-up footage of mating displays among birds, animals and insects. Some of these displays may raise eyebrows.

Great argus male pheasant 

Sexual charm

Be as enthralled as Charles Darwin was by the feather patterns of the male Argus pheasant in this striking specimen exhibit. These beautiful spotted and striped feathers are only shown during courtship display, indicating their role in sexual attraction. The female birds are drab in comparison.

Green Porno film 

Green Porno short films

Watch actress Isabella Rossellini interpret the sex life of the angler fish in one of the most entertaining of her hilarious short films series, Green Porno. Enjoy eight of her Green Porno shorts showing in the exhibition.

Guy the gorilla 

Dominant males

Guy the gorilla is one of several dominant male specimens on display. As London Zoo’s most famous kingpin, he was a superb specimen of masculinity with intimidating vital statistics: weight 240kg, chest circumference 1.83m, height 1.63m, bicep 58cm, thigh 70cm, neck 90cm. Gorillas don’t come much bigger than this. In the gorilla kingdom, the alpha male has exclusive access to his harem of females.

Female hyena 

She’s the boss

Discover the species where females take the lead. Did you know female hyenas have extended genitals that have evolved to look like a penis and testicles? And the female spotted hyena actually leads the pack, rather than her smaller male counterpart.

Female hyena 

Every which way

Bonobos are known as the erotic ape and they appear in mating ritual in the first BBC wildlife film projection you encounter in the exhibition. Bonobos have sex at any opportunity and readily engage sexually with others of the same gender. Homosexuality has been documented in 450 animal species including the adelie penguin, black-headed gull and flour beetle, which also feature in the exhibition. Footage courtesy of BBC Motion Gallery.

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Monday to Sunday 10:00 – 17:50

The Museum is open every day except 24-26 December. Last admission is at 17:30.

Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road
London SW7 5BD, UK.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7942 5000

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