Vanabbemuseum – março 2011

Vanabbemuseum – programação março 2011

Play Van Abbe Part 4: The Pilgrim, the Tourist, the Flaneur (and the Worker)

[ until August 2011 ]
There is not one way to look at an artwork and in Play Van Abbe Part 4 visitors are literally invited to play a certain role; that of the pilgrim, the tourist, the flaneur and the worker. The way in which you will experience the museum and its art will depend on your role. Roles aren?t fixed, visitors are free to change them during their visit. The choice of works in the exhibition is based on the Van Abbemuseum?s collection supplemented by a number of key loans.

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Concert Ensemble 306
[ 13/03/2011 14:00 uur ]
The Eindhoven based Ensemble 306 mainly focuses on electro acoustic music. Besides brand new composituons they also focus on the highlights of the music literature from for example studios of the Eindhoven NatLab, the WDR-studio in Cologne and the RAI-studio in Milan. In the Van Abbemuseum four members of the ensemble bring a programme with compositions of the Italian avantgardist Salvatore Sciarrino.

In collaboration with St. Axes
Entrance free with valid museum ticket, or € 3,50 (just the concert).Read more


Theme lecture Travel agency Van Abbe …in home, garden and kitchen
[ 19/03/2011 11:15 hours ]
Following the collection presentation Play Van Abbe – Part 4: The Pilgrim, the Tourist, the Flaneur (and the Worker) the Van Abbemuseum offers four ‘journeys’ through the exhibitions.This first journey appears to stay close to home. Focussing on the place where you are, where does that bring you? We will see that in works of Thierry de Cordier, Jan Vercruysse and Martha Rosler. These very different artists find ‘their place’ important, and use this environment to escape physically and mentally, but also to investigate this with seriousness, humor or a critical view.

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Living Archives Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria
[ until 3 April 2011 ]
Living Archives is a collaboration between Kunsthaus Bregenz and the Van Abbemuseum is a joint consideration of the significance of archives and collections building on the experience built up in Eindhoven throughout Play Van Abbe. The museum was invited by the directors of this remarkable Peter Zumthor designed Kunsthaus in Austria to show exhibition models developed here to a new Austrian audience. Taking elements from Van Abbemuseum’s curator Diana Franssen’s Living Archive series and from Play Van Abbe Part 3, the exhibition will include works by Michal Heiman, Hannah Hurtzig, and Katrin Mayer

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Living Archives Cooperation Van Abbemuseum, Installation view KUB Arena, Kunsthaus Bregenz. Photo: Markus Tretter, © Kunsthaus Bregenz

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