A arte e a ciência de envelhecer

Coming of Age: the art and science of ageing

painting of ballet dancers Ballet Dancers by Edgar Degas

an oil painting of a woman in her older years Frances Rose, 1973, by Maggie Hambling

12 Jan – 02 Mar 2011

This is a dynamic exhibition bringing together the scientific and artistic communities by exploring aspects of ageing and life expectancy.

Featuring works by Edgar Degas, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Henry Moore, Nicholas Nixon, John Coplans, Melanie Manchot, Carla Bromhead, Susie Rea, Valerie Laws, Susan Aldworth, Linda Kosciewicz-Fleming, Jordan Baseman and Sharon Bailey, and new commissions by Annie Cattrell, Andrew Carnie and Jennie Pedley.

Inspired by Newcastle University’s Changing Age campaign, which seeks to challenge the negative perceptions about older people in society, Coming of Age uses art to explore how and why we age, the effects of ageing and the lives of older people through the eyes of both artists and scientists.

The exhibition is built around three themes of biology, frailty and vitality.

For more information please see the Coming of Age website which includes infoarmation about the commissioned works and the research behind the art.

Welcome to
the Great North Museum: Hancock

The Great North Museum incorporates collections from the Hancock Museum and Newcastle University’s Museum of Antiquities, the Shefton Museum and the Hatton Gallery.

Highlights of the new £26million museum include a large-scale, interactive model of Hadrian’s Wall, major new displays showing the wonder and diversity of the animal and plant kingdoms, spectacular objects from the Ancient Greeks and mummies from Ancient Egypt, a planetarium and a life-size T-Rex dinosaur skeleton.

The Living Planet display houses hundreds of creatures and by using a mixture of touch screen technology and hands-on investigations, visitors can investigate these animals and find out where they live and how they survive in such extreme places as the arctic and desert.

Live animal tanks and aquaria are integrated into this major display where visitors can see wolf fish, pythons and lizards to name a few. Star objects include a full size model of an elephant, a great white shark, a virtual aquarium, live animal displays, a polar bear, a giraffe and moa skeleton.

To see a virtual tour of the Great North Museum: Hancock click here.


Jonathan Edwards CBE

“What excites me about the Great North Museum project is the prospect of a great family day out. The project provides a fantastic opportunity for people of all ages to learn about the richness of the region’s heritage and our cross-cultural links across the world. All of this in a stunning environment which will challenge and invigorate all of our senses. It should prove a massive draw for families across the region and far beyond.” Jonathan Edwards CBE
Sir Thomas Allen

“The Hancock was the venue for a school visit which was responsible for my passion for ornithology. I distinctly remember the long bill of the Curlew and this inspired a wonderful appreciation of the variety of birds in our region and their habitats. I’m absolutely delighted that the Hancock is to be revitalised as part of the Great North Museum project, and give it my full support.” Sir Thomas Allen
Adam Hart-Davis

“The Roman collections are a real hidden treasure. For hundreds of years people thought it was the Emperor Septimius Severus who built the Wall but then the crucial stone, soon to be seen in the new museum, was found, that proved it was all down to his predecessor Hadrian. There are hundreds of reasons why this project should happen, but that for me is a bit special.” Adam Hart-Davis.



The Great North Museum Resource Centre houses the reserve natural science and archaeology collections, comprising over half a million items. By prior appointment, schools, students and members of the public can visit the Resource Centre for special collections sessions with the curators. A series of behind the scenes tours and workshops is available throughout the year. Bookings should be made through the Great North Museum: Hancock. The Resource Centre is located in Discovery Museum.

See reviews and comments in the national and regional press – The Guardian, Grazia magazine, and The Journal.

Coming of Age: the art and science of aging is supported by the Wellcome Trust.

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