Museu do Azeite

Museu italiano do azeite, Museo dell´Olivo, já foi condecorado como o melhor museu do ano na Europa…

The social and economic importance and the cultural prestige of the olive tree goes hand in hand with the most significant conquests of ancient Mediterranean civilizations… 

The olive tree is an evergreen that can take on different shapes and sizes. Its lanceolate leaves are from 5 to 8 cm (2 to 3 in)long on average…

The oil contained in olives is extracted by a multi-stage process

The Museum is located in one of the most important olive oil cultivating and producing areas in the Mediterranean, the Western Ligurian Riviera at the northern edge of the region where olive trees thrive.
Olive groves are plentiful in the Western Riviera from the shoreline to the innermost valleys and the highest altitudes at which the tree can flower; they occupy literally every corner, every patch of earth, even the most inaccessible, thanks to the narrow terraced strips of land built over centuries along the sides of the hills (Liguria is 65% mountains, 35% hills).

How to get there
To look at the map for the calculation of arrival time, link to .
Railway: Imperia Oneglia railway station, then take the subway and walk further about 100 m.

The site of the Olive Tree Museum
It is located in a beautiful Art Nouveau building built during the twenties to house the Headquarters of the Fratelli Carli corporation. It is still part of the vast Carli complex in Imperia. It was converted to a Museum to display the noteworthy collection of items collected over decades by the Carli family and to illustrate historical connotations between the evolution of the olive tree and that of civilization over a period of 6,000 years.

Layout and services of the Museum
The storage areas and specialized library of the Museum are also located therein. Across the patio from the Museum entrance there is a cafeteria and gift shop; above them is an auditorium, equipped with sound and video installations for various types of gatherings.

The Olive Tree Museum is open every day, except Sunday, from 9AM to 12:30 noon and from 3 to 6:30PM. Admission is free.

The Olive Tree Museum will be closed in November for about three weeks. The exact period of closure will be communicated in advance.

Guided visits for groups, including those from schools and other organizations, must be arranged with the Museum Office at least one month in advance.

Visitors to the Museum may visit the modern Carli Olive Mill by appointment. The latter is adjacent to the Museum and is in operation during the Olive Harvest season (normally between December and March). The nearby production, sales and administrative facilities may also be visited by appointment.
The Olive Tree Museum supplies to visitors Multilanguage hand-set phones (Italian, English, French and German) on hire at the Museum entrance.

Museo dell’Olivo – Via Garessio, 13 – 18100 Imperia – Italia
Tel :+39 0183 295762 – Fax :+39 0183 293236 – Email

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