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Flight Simulators Image
The Museum of Flight oferece experiência em simulador de vôo.
Flight Simulators Image
Flight Simulators Image
Flight Simulators Image
Flight Simulators Image
Flight Simulators Image

Flight Simulators

Experience Flight without Leaving the Ground

Eject! Eject! Eject!

Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and movement of an F-18 Hornet as you embark on a mission to destroy an enemy bomb making factory. Fly through the rugged mountain terrain as you search for the factory and avoid enemy fighters.

This ride features newly upgraded 3D projectors that bring the ride to life and also includes a motion base that allows you to move with the pilot as he maneuvers over the mountains and through the valleys in search of the bomb factory.

In the 13-seat 4D-X simulator, participants experience  3-D visual excitement, special environmental effects, and plenty of motion. Each ride is approximately five minutes in duration and costs $5.00 per person.

Experience X-Pilot

360 degrees of flying action!  In our 2-seat X-Pilot simulators, you take the controls for a smooth and easy ride, or a ride full of loops and rolls. You choose—you’re the pilot.  You can choose between three classic WWII fighters and engage in aerial dogfight battles or choose one of three modern jets and race through the air.  You’ll learn why we call this the most interactive flight simulator in the Pacific Northwest.   X-Pilot is $8.00 for the General Public and $7 for Members.  And for those who can’t get enough, you can ride again and again for only $5 per ride after your first ride of the day.

Other Simulator Experiences

  • Try your hand on our hang gliders in the Flight Zone, a favorite with kids where you sit in a hang gliding harness and try to land as close as you can to a target.
  • In our Space Gallery you’ll have an opportunity to pilot an Apollo lunar lander or bring the Space Shuttle home after a mission orbiting the Earth.
  • Lastly, match skills with an astronaut as you try to link up with the Hubble Space Telescope in our Manned Manuevering Unit simulators in the Rendezvous in Space: A Tribute to Pete Conrad exhibit.

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