Museu Sinistro – Mutter

Mutter Museum é um museu da medicina bem sinistro.

The Soap Opera

The Mütter Museum is actively involved in ongoing research using 21st century technology to solve the 19th century mystery that is the Soap Lady. Dr. Joseph Leidy, known as the Father of American Vertebrate Paleontology, originally reported that she died of the Yellow Fever epidemic in 1792 and was buried at 4th and Arch Streets. The Yellow Fever epidemic victims were indeed buried at 4th and Arch, but they were buried in 1793. Everything Leidy believed about her time of death and interment were proven false by the original x-rays taken of her in 1986. These x-rays showed buttons and pins on her clothing which postdated her death at least until the 1830s, when these items were first manufactured in the United States.

Thanks to the radiology team from Quinnipiac University led by Jerry Conlogue and Ron Beckett, we have finally finished a new set of x-rays, done in both digital and print. As an initial result of these x-rays, we have revised her age from about 40 to significantly younger than 40, perhaps in her late 20s.

We are now working with Dr. Frederic Rieders of NMS Labs to conduct forensic analysis on the Soap Lady. We are hoping these tests will answer the following questions:

When did she die?
How did she die?
Why did she lose her teeth so early in life?

As part of the testing, NMS will run a toxicological analysis of her hair. They will also run trace and chemical analysis of her adipocere, the fatty substance that encases her body. We have also retrieved a piece of her fingernail, upon which NMS will conduct nutritional profiling, chemical composition, and hormonal evaluation.

This is an ongoing process which may take years. Every test yields new information and interpretations. When the analysis is complete, we hope to have a much clearer picture of the Soap Lady’s life and death.

History & Overview

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, founded in 1787, is the oldest professional medical organization in the country. Twenty-four physicians of eighteenth-century Philadelphia gathered “to advance the science of medicine and to thereby lessen human misery.” Today, over 1,500 Fellows (elected members) continue to convene at the College and work towards better serving the public.

Throughout its 200 year history, the College has provided a place for both medical professionals and the general public to learn about medicine as both a science and as an art.

This historic spirit continues in our current mission: advancing the cause of health, while upholding the ideals and heritage of medicine. The College strives to:

  1. Enable individuals, families and communities to take greater responsibility for their health.

  2. Improve the health of the public through service to health professionals.

  3. Enhance appreciation of the heritage of medicine.

  4. Provide information for the development of health policy.


The College is home to the Mütter Museum and the Historical Medical Library. Our outreach programs include Philly Health, an online health information, resource and educational program serving the Delaware Valley, and the C. Everett Koop Community Education Center. The public is invited to attend the many lectures, workshops, and conferences the College offers. Our programs reflect our reverence for the past, our commitment to the present, and our vision for the future of medicine and health.

For a more detailed history of the College, please click here.

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