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StoryCorps at the Museum of Science

Friday, January 15 – Sunday, January 17

In celebration of the Boston debut of the exhibit RACE: Are We So Different?, StoryCorps – a national oral history project – is coming to the Museum of Science to record and preserve the stories of our community  The heart of StoryCorps is a conversation between two people who are important to each other. The Museum is offering this experience to visitors in an effort to connect people across generations and backgrounds, and foster conversations that can be inspiring, revelatory, and even life-changing.

Participation is free, but you must register in advance. We will contact you if you are selected as interview time slots are limited.
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About the Museum

The Mission of the Museum of Science

The Museum’s mission is to play a leading role in transforming the nation’s relationship with science and technology. This role becomes ever more important as science and technology shape and reshape our lives and world, and it means we:

  • Promote active citizenship informed by the world of science and technology
  • Inspire lifelong appreciation of the importance and impact of science and engineering
  • Encourage young people of all backgrounds to explore and develop their interests in understanding the natural and human-made world

To do this, we will continue to build our position as a leader in the world’s museum community and use our educational perspective as an informal learning institution to help the formal pre K-12 education system.


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Are We So Different?

Take a fresh look at race through our biology, history, and culture.

Mysteries of the Great Lakes

Surround yourself with the spectacular scenery of the “inland seas.”

The World of S

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Bear photo by Jessica Merz, courtesy of Flickr.com.

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