Ice Music – Música com instrumentos de Gelo!

Chris Lawley

Somerset House apresenta exposição Ice Music. Música de Gelo com instrumentos de gelo.

Ice Music

Ice Music

Friday 7 – Sunday 9 January
River Terrace, South Wing
£7.50/£5 conc (Free admission to
The Idea of North installation)

Ice Music Performances:
13.00-13.30, 15.30-16.00, 18.30-19.00

The Idea of North Opening Times:
10.00-12.00, 13.30-14.30, 16.00-17.30

This unique winter experience features live music by acclaimed Norwegian composer and instrumentalist Terje Isungset using instruments of pure ice such as ice horns, an iceophone and ice percussion brought from the mountains of Norway. Using these fragile instruments, some carved from ancient glaciers, Terje will give three concerts a day together with the Norwegian singer Lena Nymark in this intimate setting.

At other times throughout the day an ethereal sound and video installation will animate the space. The Idea of North, commissioned by Opera North Projects, sees Terje Isungset join forces with Phil Slocombe from Lumen to create a distinctive experience evoking the lands far to the North. Using rare archive film and footage, Phil’s intricately patterned, often mysterious imagery combines with Terje’s intensely physical soundscape created purely from ice.

Please click on the sessions below to book tickets for the Ice Music performances:

Fri 7 Jan, 13.00-13.30
Fri 7 Jan, 15.30-16.00
Fri 7 Jan, 18.30-19.00
Sat 8 Jan, 13.00-13.30
Sat 8 Jan, 15.30-16.00
Sat 8 Jan, 18.30-19.00
Sun 9 Jan, 13.00-13.30
Sun 9 Jan, 15.30-16.00
Sun 9 Jan, 18.30-19.00

Terje Isungset (ice instruments) / Lena Nymark (vocals) / Phil Slocombe (film)

Please note each Ice Music performance lasts 30 minutes. Please wear warm clothes and note that Ice Music has limited seating with the rest standing.

For more information about Ice Music and Idea of North visit

Produced by sounduk


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