Vestimentas, Armas, Enterros, Ferramentas… = MOA – Museu de Antropologia

MOA - A place of world arts + culture

Na Colúmbia Britânica, MOA destaca-se por suas coleçõe e sua origem conectada à universidade UBC. São mais de 37mil objetos que podem ser pesquisados on line:


Exibições Atuais:


No Windows

Satellite Gallery’s first group show invites the public to decode the conventions of art and exhibition-making
November 27, 2010-January 23, 2011, Satellite Gallery, 560 Seymour Street, Vancouver, 2nd floor

No Windows, on view at Satellite Gallery from November 27, 2010 to January 23, 2011, is the result of a unique collaboration between the departments of Anthropology, Art History and Curatorial Studies at the University of British Columbia, as graduate students in each of these programs have joined forces to curate this new and exciting exhibition.

No Windows presents artworks by local and national artists Rhonda Weppler + Trevor Mahovsky, Adad Hannah, Jamie Drouin, and Zoe Tissandier. In their work, the artists explore the structures that underlie gallery and museum practices, and challenge visitors’ ideas about them as agents in the creation, mediation, and reception of art.

Satellite Gallery is a Michael O’Brian Family Foundation project with partners the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery and the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, and Presentation House Gallery. For more information, contact Karen Benbassat at 604.681.8425 or

Photo Credit:Rhonda Weppler + Trevor Mahovsky. Sun in an Empty Room 2, installed at Wells College in Aurora, New York, August 2009. Image courtesy of the artists.


Signed Without Signature

Works by Charles & Isabella Edenshaw
November 26, 2010 – September, 30, 2011

From the late 1800s to the early 1900s, Charles and Isabella Edenshaw produced Haida art that continues to inspire the finest Haida artists of today, many of whom are their descendants. What is the aesthetic that makes their work recognizable and so respected? How has it remained contemporary for more than 100 years? This exhibit addresses these and other questions by highlighting Charles Edenshaw’s engraved silver bracelets, as well as his wife Isabella’s basketry, which Charles painted. Media sponsor The Georgia Straight.

Photo Credit:(detail) C. Edenshaw bracelet, McMichael Cdn Art Collection


Man Ray, African Art and the Modernist Lens

An exhibition featuring recently discovered photographs and reuniting images with original objects
October 30, 2010 – January 23, 2011

The Museum of Anthropology is pleased to present Man Ray, African Art, and the Modernist Lens, a groundbreaking exhibition exploring the pivotal role of photography in changing the perception of African objects from artifacts to fine art.

Man Ray, African Art, and the Modernist Lens was curated by Wendy Grossman, Ph.D. and organized by International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC. The exhibition was funded in part by grants from the Terra Foundation for American Art, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Dedalus Foundation. Media sponsor The Georgia Straight. Opening reception sponsored by Consulat General de France a Vancouver.

Photo Credit:Man Ray, Untitled (Aqua’ba Figure, Akan), 1933, c Man Ray Trust


O Museu:

MOA. A place of extraordinary architectural beauty. A place of provocative programming and vibrant, contemporary exhibitions. A place of active exploration and quiet contemplation. A place of world arts and cultures.

A place for you.

The Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia is world-renowned for its collections, research, teaching, public programs, and community connections. It is also acclaimed for its spectacular architecture and unique setting on the cliffs of Point Grey.

To extend our role as public and research institution, we have just completed a major expansion and renewal project, creating amazing new opportunities for research, teaching, and public enjoyment. Visit us soon, and visit us often – there’s always something new to experience at MOA!



Sobre maniamuseu

Maníaco por museus de todo mundo. Eles trazem a história, o futuro, o diferente e a cultura. Entretenimento e educação. Viaje em maniamuseu.
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