Exposições no Power House – Austrália

Powerhouse Museum

Experience the music, magic and memories that made ABBA a worldwide phenomenon!

Top secret: licence to spy

Top secret: licence to spy
Become a secret agent this summer and delve into the world of spies and espionage !

Consumer power: 50 years of Choice

Consumer power: 50 years of Choice
A new display exploring the consumer power harnessed over 50 years through the Australian Consumers’ Association and its public face, Choice. .

Creating the look: Benini and fashion photography

Creating the look: Benini and fashion photography
Explore the incredible archive of renowned fashion photographer Bruno Benini.

Australian International Design Awards 2010

Australian International Design Awards 2010
Showcases excellence in design as well as innovative use of technology or materials.

The Tinytoreum

The Tinytoreum
Discover Gunna the goanna’s big ideas in an exhibition of tiny treasures from the Museum’s collection.

Artefact H10515

Artefact H10515
A unique ‘living’ acquisition that explores the diverse ways we source, shape and present collections.

Engineering Excellence

Engineering Excellence
Each year, the Sydney Division of Engineers Australia conducts an awards program to showcase outstanding engineering projects.


Permanent exhibitions


Boulton & Watt steam engine
The oldest surviving rotative steam engine in the world

Cyberworlds: computers and connections

Cyberworlds: computers and connections
An interactive exhibition of the past, present and future world of computers


Ecologic: Creating a sustainable future
Discover the science behind global warming and what we can do to prevent it from getting worse.


Explores the principles of temperature, pressure, electricity, magnetism, light, gravity, motion and chemistry

strasburg clock

Strasburg Clock
The treasured Strasburg Clock model is back on display following a long period of restoration.

jevans icon

The curious economist: William Stanley Jevons in Sydney
One of 19th century’s brightest men. His interests also give a unique perspective on Sydney life in the 1850s

the Kings cinema

The Kings cinema
A reconstructed 1930s cinema screening films of the period


Locomotive No. 1
Locomotive No. 1 hauled the first train in NSW between Sydney and Parramatta in 1855.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments: made and played
A selection of instruments from the Museum’s vast collection

Success and innovation

Success and innovation: achieving for Australia
Explores the risks and triumphs of Australia’s manufacturing industries

Nuclear matters

Nuclear matters
A highly interactive exhibition exploring the complex world of nuclear science, medicine and nuclear power.


The history of the human desire to travel beyond the Earth’s atmosphere

What's in store? Shopping in Australia from 1880 – 1930

What’s in store? Shopping in Australia from 1880 – 1930
Shopping in Australia from small country stores to big city department stores


Vehicles that have brought people together, from bicycles and horse-drawn carriages to planes, trains and automobiles


The steam revolution
Traces the development of steam power from the first experiments of the 1600s to today’s steam turbines

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