Planetarium Science Center – Alexandria, Egito

Planetarium Science Center – Egito

Planetarium Science Center

The Planetarium Science Center (PSC) is an ideal place to enjoy a day of fun learning. It is an independent, not-for-profit educational foundation dedicated to increasing the public’s awareness, interest and understanding of science and technology through entertainment. The Center fulfills its goal by encouraging curiosity, imagination and creativity through a large diversity of activities presented within three sections, each of which approaches science in a different manner that is relatively unconventional to the Egyptian community:

  1. The Planetarium: A member of the International Planetarium Society (IPS), it is a cutting-edge facility featuring state-of-the-art projection technology. The Planetarium aims to help establish a scientific culture in Egypt by offering the public a kaleidoscope of fascinating scientific shows covering a diverse variety of science fields and suitable for a wide range of public sectors.
    Re-opened in August 2009, in addition to the classic IMAX projection system, the Planetarium offers the public digital full-dome shows using the latest Digistar 3 system that details the universe impeccably, bringing it so close to the public they feel as if they are flying through space and time. The Planetarium also offers live shows presented by resident astronomers.
  2. The History of Science Museum. A permanent exhibition that highlights the historical aspect of science in Egypt during three major eras: Egypt of the Pharaohs, Hellenistic Alexandria and the Arab-Muslim World, the Museum pays homage to the scientists whose work has enriched scientific knowledge. The Museum aims to revive the scientific discoveries and the great achievements of the ancient scholars and their translators, without whom such writings would not have transcended space and time.
    The History of Science Museum is not a traditional museum; it offers a variety of activities targeting school children in particular and the public at large in general, in addition to the traditional Museum tours.
  3. The ALEXploratorium: A fascinating and innovative establishment, it is a hands-on science facility that is unconventional, both in concept and operation. It primarily targets children and youth who are the future and hope of Egypt. It aims to intrigue them through interactive exhibitions, workshops and other programs and activities, all of which they can be part of, under the guidance and supervision of dedicated staff members, whose objective is to relay science principles in a simple fun manner.
    ALEXploratorium activities are not limited to the young. They attract visitors – of all ages and backgrounds – to science by making it more accessible, more understandable and far more interesting. Most importantly, they show the visitors how they can experience science in almost everything they see, hear or touch in their everyday life.

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