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HomeMoCCA Fest 2010 e 2011. Entre no site para ver fotos.
Past cartoonist attendees/guests/panelists include Jules Feiffer, Art Spiegelman, Roz Chast, Neal Adams, Gahan Wilson, Alison Bechdel, Bill Plympton, David Mazzucchelli, Seth, Dash Shaw, Charles Burns,Kyle Baker, Dean Haspiel, Paul Pope, Jaime Hernandez, Frank Miller, Al Jaffee, Alex Robinson, Michael Kupperman, Raina Telgemeir, Kim Deitch, Nick Betozzi, Adrian Tomine, Gary Panter, and many more!

“It was my first MoCCA in a few years and I thought everything was run very smoothly; the show was unequivocally a success for us, it was possibly the best-ever non-Comic-Con weekend we’ve ever had at a show, actually.”
-Fantagraphics Books, blog entry, April, 2010

“Saturday was a busy day at the MoCCA Fest last weekend, definitely an upbeat event with many who came ready to buy.”
-NBM Publications, blog entry, April, 2010

“Other publishers also reported excellent sales boosted by the presence of creators, including Pantheon [and] Abrams…. ”
-Comic Book Resources, blog entry, April, 2010

“Top Shelf packed heavy for the MoCCA Festival this past weekend in New York, knowing that we’d be joined by over half a dozen Swedish guests and debuting tons of new books… and still we sold out of almost every book we brought!”
-Top Shelf Productions, blog entry, April, 2010

“The show was impeccably run this year, …. [James] Sturm blasted through his copies of Market Day at MoCCA.”
-Drawn & Quarterly, blog entries, April, 2010

“MoCCA’s all about the comics creators, and few Hollywood influences were in evidence. So apart from New York’s School of Visual Arts and several other cartooning programs showcasing tons of student work, the rest of the many tables featured small publishers, tiny publishers, self-publishers, webcomickers, minicomickers, comics collectives, and zinesters—all with their labors of love and eager smiles.”
-Library Journal, review, April, 2010

“Since 2002 the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art has been bringing together artists, publishers, and editors for enthusiasts to meet and discover new comics each year.”
-The New York Daily News, in its feature, “The Best Comics from the 2010 MoCCA Art Festival”

Exhibitor Tables are now available for the MoCCA Festival 2011!
Now through December 31st exhibitor table prices are:
MoCCA Member Full Table: $360
General Full Table: $399
MoCCA Member 1/2 Table: $210
General 1/2 Table: $250
Student Full Table: $295
Student 1/2 Table: $177
(students must submit valid student ID with application)

Reserve your space now, as prices are guaranteed to go up after December 31st, 2010!

Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis beginning August 10th by fax (212-254-3590), mail, email (exhibitors@moccany.org) and in person only. Registration forms are available on the MoCCA website at here!

MoCCA Festival 2011
Address & Dates

Saturday, April 9
Sunday, April 10

at the 69th Regiment Armory
68 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY.

MoCCA Festival 2011
Exhibitor Applications

Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis beginning August 10th by fax (212-254-3590), mail email (exhibitors@moccany.org) and in person only. Registration forms are available on the MoCCA website at here!

About MoCCA Festival 2010

MoCCA Fest 2010 Poster

MoCCA Fest 2010 Poster

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