Arte Asiática e o Império Indiano

Art Gallery of NSW

Arte asiática, muita cerâmica e ilustrações e uma exposição sobre o Império Indiano. Maniamuseu já publicou sobre exposições que tratam do tema Índia. Utilize a pesquisa para decobrir mais.

19 Aug – 3 Jan 2011

When foreigners started arriving in India centuries ago, they were captivated by the people, architecture, customs and costumes. By the late 18th century, when the British presence was more widespread through India, artists were commissioned to portray the world the foreigners had encountered.

The imaging of India coincided with the development of new, multiple printing techniques such as lithography and, from the 1850s, photography. These new media enabled Indians and foreigners alike to enjoy landscapes, temples and portraits, produced locally according to varying regional traditions. At the same time, throughout India local traditions of painting and embroidery continued.

This ambitious exhibition presents aspects of the Indian empire when patrons were as diverse as Indian maharajas, East India Company employees, and the military and administrative personnel of the British Raj.

a view inside Asian gallery

Also known as the lower Asian gallery, this gallery is devoted to the art of East Asia: China, Korea and Japan. It includes the Kenneth and Yasuko Myer Gallery of Japanese Art and the Edward and Goldie Sternberg Gallery of Chinese Art.

a view inside Asian gallery

Also known as the upper Asian gallery, the central room is used for temporary exhibitions while the outer area – also called the Edward and Goldie Sternberg Gallery of Southeast Asian Art – houses art from the collection including export ceramics and works inspired by the faiths of Asia. The pavilion housing this gallery is a floating white glass-and-steel cube, pivoted with stainless-steel lotus flowers. Cantilevered on top of the original Asian gallery, it glows softly at night like a paper lantern over Sydney Harbour.

Conheça mais de arte asiática verificando a coleção do AG NSW de Sidney, Austrália:

View collection works on display in Asian gallery

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