O Maior Navio e Combate Museu do Mundo

O Maior Navio e Combate Museu do Mundo é o título que o Battleship Cove se auto atribui…

…Ele é um museu da história naval norte americana que reúne além de armas, munições, fotos e documentos o Admiral Arleigh Burke National Destroyermen’s Museum – Exibição atual do Destroyermen’s:

The USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. is home to the Admiral Arleigh Burke National Destroyermen’s Museum, which maintains a vast collection of cruise books, photos, and artifacts from various destroyers.

Probably the most famous destroyermen in naval history, four-star Admiral Arleigh Albert “31-Knot” Burke, USN, was a well known, respected and decorated naval officer. The namesake for the Navy’s latest Aegis Arleigh Burke-Class destroyers (DDG-51), Burke received his nickname “31-Knot” for the speed at which his destroyer groups could operate in the Pacific theater during WWII.

Within the Burke Museum are various murals, artifacts, interactive displays, and ship lists that portray the proud heritage of destroyermen and the United States Navy. The museum is currently working with many ship and veteran organizations to preserve and present artifacts, pictures, and stories both physically and digitally. One of the best examples of this is the largest single class destroyer site on the Internet: The Benson-Livermore class Destroyer Website.

Details courtesy of USS Kennedy Restoration Committee. Visit their website to learn more about Kennedy and the hard-core crew that restores her.

Don’t just learn about history—live it! At Battleship Cove, you will experience firsthand what it was like to serve on board a Navy warship in WWII. You can sound the diving horn on Submarine Lionfish before you slip below the sea…you can crank the handwheels on Big Mamie‘s 40-mm guns as you knock enemy planes from the sky….

But your journey doesn’t end there. Sail through the Cold War on USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. and learn how the ship’s unmanned helicopter hunted Soviet submarines. Or climb on board a high-speed missile corvette that the Soviets designed to fight us.

Whether you’re a die-hard naval history buff or a casual enthusiast of military hardware, you’ll have much to discover at Battleship Cove!


SEA SHELLS: Have you ever wondered how a battleship tossed a one-ton shell nearly 20 miles? Visit the projectile platform on Big Mamie to find out.

ARLEIGH BURKE MUSEUM: Did you know that Battleship Cove is home to the National Destroyermen’s Museum?

ARMED TO THE TEETH: Pound for pound, PT boats were the most heavily armed vessels in World War II. Follow this link to learn more.

fonte: Museum of Science, Boston

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