Hershey´s – Museu do Chocolate nos EUA

Um museu de experiências. Seguindo o modelo de muitos museus de empresas e produtos, a experiência pelo chocolate é a grande chave deste museu. Não só a plasticidade, aroma, sabor e cor foram contemplados. A História da Hershey’s também…… guarda momentos preciosos da construção desta grande marca. Estratégias promocionais foram a grande marca do fundador Milton Hershey. Logo abaixo você terá acesso aos links da web page atualizada da Hershey’s.

The Hershey Story, The Museum on Chocolate Avenue

Located in the heart of Chocolatetown, this new museum guides visitors on an inspirational journey through Milton S. Hershey’s lifetime and beyond, a tale spanning more than 150 years of trials and triumphs, philanthropic endeavors and one man’s unwavering confidence. Learn how he went from bankruptcy to brilliance, transforming chocolate from a luxury to an everyday treat. Discover how he created a community and why he gave away his fortune…twice.

Inspired by Milton Hershey’s flair for experimenting, the Chocolate Lab offers hands-on classes. Enjoy light fare in Café Zooka and experience a flight of warm drinking chocolates at the Countries of Origin Chocolate Tasting. Find a sweet souvenir at the Museum Shop!

Open daily. 111 West Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, PA 717-534-3439


Enter a World…Where the Story Comes to Life

For well over 100 years, the word “Hershey” has been synonymous with the Great American Chocolate Bar. Now, The Hershey Story takes visitors on an inspirational journey through the life of Milton S. Hershey, the man, his chocolate company, the town that bears his name, and his generous legacy.

The Hershey Story explores the rags to riches accomplishments of an American entrepreneur who used his personal wealth to enrich the lives of others. Hear never-before-shared stories of his innovation and determination. Find out how Mr. Hershey revolutionized the process of making milk chocolate. Discover how the Hershey Industrial School’s orphan boys became heirs to his fortune.

From the interactive Museum Experience and its creative Apprentice Program to the Chocolate Lab to Café Zooka and the Museum Shop, the sweet results of Mr. Hershey’s entrepreneurship, ingenuity and philanthropy are guaranteed to inspire all who enter The Hershey Story.

Failures to Fortunes

Learn about Milton Hershey’s impoverished childhood, apprenticeships, early business failures and ultimate successes.
Explore the Exhibit

Sweet Innovations

Discover how Mr. Hershey inspired creativity among his employees as he introduced milk chocolate mass production techniques.
Explore the Exhibit

Power of Promotion

Find out how Milton Hershey utilized creative promotional strategies to become the number one U.S. chocolate-maker.
Explore the Exhibit

Hershey Builds Hershey

Explore the development of the Hershey Community, which by 1915, boasted the largest chocolate factory in the world, and grew to include numerous educational and cultural opportunities.
Explore the Exhibit

A Living Legacy

Celebrate over 100 years of Milton Hershey’s legacy, including his generous gifts to educational and cultural institutions.
Explore the Exhibit


Special Exhibit Gallery

Located on the first floor of The Hershey Story is a 2,000 square-foot Special Exhibit Gallery. This space provides visitors with an in-depth look at important Hershey stories as they related to what was happening in the larger world. Exhibits include in-house productions as well as traveling shows supplemented with artifacts from The Hershey Story permanent collection.

The Apostolic Clock

The Hershey Story’s amazing Apostolic Clock was built over a period of eleven years by John Fiester. The clock features an hourly procession that tells the story of the betrayal of Christ. Milton Hershey purchased the clock as part of a larger collection of PA German artifacts in 1936 and placed it in the museum he founded for the benefit of his community. Due to the clock’s fragile nature it is operated only periodically. Please click here for more information on the clock and its history. Our calendar of events lists the dates when the clock will operate.


Hershey Story – Chocolate Museum

63 W Chocolate Ave
Hershey, PA

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