A Caveira de Diamantes


A caveira de diamantes de Damien Hirst está exposta na Finlândia. Aproveite e conheça outras exibições deste importante museu finlandês de arte contemporânea.

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Located in the heart of Helsinki, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma offers you an easy access to the most interesting and invigorating art of our time. Kiasma is an open forum for the exchange of opinions and a continuous redefinition of art and culture.
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Damien Hirst: For the Love of God (Front and Side View), 2009. Private collection, Helsinki.Damien Hirst: For the Love of God (Front and Side View), 2009. Private collection, Helsinki.

10.9. – 28.11.2010, 5th floor

CREAM presents world-famous British art

CREAM, Kiasma’s main exhibition in 2010, will present the works of Damien Hirst and his contemporaries mainly from private Finnish collections. With Damien Hirst as their most prominent member, the Young British Artists (YBA) group heated up the world’s art market in the 1990s and made contemporary art a hot topic shared by the media and general public.

The exhibition will show works by 16 artists, most of whom started their career in London at the beginning of the 1990s. YBA was one of the most famous art phenomena of the era. In the 1990s, young British artists were like rock stars, and their artistic endeavours and personal relationships were followed by the art world and attracted wide media coverage.

The artists of the YBA group have each continued their separate careers through to this day, and the exhibition will also exhibit their current work. It will also expand on the prevailing view of British art of the 1990s by exhibiting other artists of the same generation alongside YBA.

Several works by Hirst on display

The exhibition will include installations, paintings, sculptures and videos, mainly from Finnish, but also from British collections. Works by Tracey Emin and Helen Chadwick will be included from the Kiasma collection.

The Cream exhibition will show works by Angela Bulloch, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Tracey Emin, Ian Davenport, Mark Francis, Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, Callum Innes, Chantal Joffe, Michael Landy, Sarah Lucas, Jason Martin, Julian Opie, Marc Quinn, Sam Taylor-Wood and Helen Chadwick.

The exhibition curators are Arja Miller and Satu Metsola. Cream was assembled with the generous assistance of Kiasma Foundation.

The exhibition will be open until 28 November on Kiasma’s 5th floor.


Damien Hirst: For the Love of God (Front and Side View), 2009

CreamDamien Hirst & Contemporaries10.09.2010 – 28.11.2010 5th floor CREAM, Kiasma’s main exhibition in 2010, will present the works of Damien Hirst and his contemporaries mainly from private Finnish collections. > Read more

Ars Fennica 2010

Ars Fennica 201008.10.2010 – 12.12.2010 4th floor The Ars Fennica art award is presented annually to one artist in recognition of distinctive creative output of exceptional merit. The candidates for the 2010 award are the painter Markus Konttinen, the sculptor Anne Koskinen, the photographic artist Jorma Puranen and the visual artists Jaakko Niemelä and Charles Sandison. The winner is announced in autumn in conjunction with a joint exhibition of the candidates’ work held in Kiasma. > Read more

It’s a Set-up26.03.2010 – 06.02.2011 3rd floor The working title of the 11th collection exhibition in Kiasma is Event Art. Divided into four thematic sections, the show will investigate the idea of event in art. The thematic fields are participatory art, time and duration, presenting and staging, and performance art. > Read more

Kari Cavén, Eyes Crossed, 1999

Kari CavénEyes Crossed29.10.2010 – 06.02.2011 Studio K Kari Cavén’s way of depicting the world and being is unique and personal. > Read more

Saara EkströmLimbus 14.01.2011 – 13.03.2011 4th and 5th floor Saara Ekström (b. 1965) creates innovative combinations using different techniques in her videos, photographs and installations. She is interested in natural and artificial materials that embody strong symbolic values. > Read more TidelinesAmin Maalouf, Raija Malka, Melek Mazici and Kaija Saariaho 28.01.2011 – 13.03.2011 Kontti (4th floor) The Tidelines exhibition is an interdisciplinary work that moves in both space and time and combines music with pictures and text. > Read more
ARS 11 15.04.2011 – 27.11.2011 The premise of the ARS 11 exhibition is Africa in contemporary art. The themes are global, issues that affect us all. Memory, recollection and the simultaneous presence of different histories and layers of time, these are some of the common starting points of the work of many artists featured in ARS 11. > Read more

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