Museu da Vodka, Salut! Amsterdã

Museu da Vodka, Salut!

(A taste of) Russian culture

Russia has never belonged nor to the East, nor to the West. Russia has always been something in between, combining both European and Asian traditions and habits. Being the biggest country in the world, Russia represents numerous nationalities, confessions and cultures scattered from the Baltic to Bering seas. However, Russian culture is most often associated with Slavic culture, their rich history, philosophy and arts. Russian classical music, ballet and literature are also world famous and greatly influenced the world culture.

Russians consider themselves as highly cultured and well educated people. This is due to the availability of education and culture facilities, such as free libraries, TV channels specializing in culture.


Russian culture is less individualistic than in Western countries. The opinion and behavior of a person is strongly influenced by family, friends and acquaintances. Family still plays a vital role in people’s lives and the relationships between family members are often conventional – with a man as a head of a family.

Communication in Business

Small talks always go prior to a business talk, and personal relations are of major importance for closing a business deal. Serious matters can be solved in a free and friendly atmosphere in a banya, or at a dacha, having few drinks. That is called “a meeting without ties”. A lot of time is spent on discussing so-called personal life. Colleagues often talk about family situations, love affairs and their problems at work. People also can enjoy giving numerous advices.

Drinking traditions

Russians adore creating a reason for drinking, such as meeting a new person or celebrating a graduation of someone’s child. The person who can drink a lot of vodka and doesn’t get drunk is highly respected. It’s not a rare occasion when business deals are solved while drinking. Vodka is the most popular drink during all kind of occasions: birthday parties, funerals, marriages, and many other official and non-official holidays.

The Museum

The Vodka Museum Amsterdam is located on the most busy spot of Amsterdam, in an old townhouse on Damrak 33, the main entrance of the city. The small, and modern museum has been launched responding to the growing popularity of vodka in the world. Next to a museum, as well an ideal venue for parties and events.

During a visit to the Vodka Museum you`ll receive a personal guide, whom will walk you through the 3-story museum, and tell you everything there is to tell about Vodka. The visit to the museum will learn you everything about the long and interesting history of Vodka, the production process, the different types of Vodka, and the taste of course! It`s an adventure that takes you back in time, from the origins of Vodka, to the world of cocktails and bar-tending today. A great value for money event. As well very suitable for team events and bachelor parties. A perfect mixture of entertainment and education.

At the end of the tour, you are welcome to take place at the Fashionable Bar, and enjoy a free drink. You can extend the tour through the Vodka Museum with a traditional Russian Vodka Tasting given by one of the professional bartenders. Bartenders with a Russian Background whom can learn you everything about Russian drinking culture. At the Vodka Museum Bar you can also make a movie about your experience at the Museum and mail it to your friends! As well there is the possibility to chill out in our extraordinary lounge room, and watch a documentary about Vodka. On the premises of the Vodka Museum, you may also find a 3-story souvenir shop and a Museum shop selling… 112 sorts of vodka


Whether with friends, colleagues or family, the museum offers you a fun and sensational experience! And of course, nice drinks to lift the spirits. The museum is also perfect for corporate events, theme parties, workshops and hen parties. There are several arrangements available to make your visit into a success. You can combine your visit to the museum with a canal cruise, bicycle rent, beerbike or a tour through Amsterdam with the city bus. More information is to be found on the Tickets page!

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