Museu da Espada Samurai

Museu da Espada Samurai – Japão

When making swords. a combination of 80 bundles of red pine charcoal and iron sand blocks are melted. Using all five senses,
he determines when the fire has reached the correct temperature of 1,300 degrees C. He uses his will to make the tamahagane gather and become pure .
During this process, he has reached a precious state of mind known as ” mushin “

Each sword requires 90 days to complete.
In his 25 years of sword making, he has produced 600 swords but only 75 are extant.
About once in every 5 years is a true masterpiece created.

A good sword won’t bend or break, will always cut truly and be light . Spirituality and beauty are important .The myriad qualities contained in a Japanese sword cannot be expressed but must be experienced to be understood.
For a swordsmith it is vital that he breath his own spirit , will and creativity into the blade.

Visitor’s minds will be expanded, their hearts made pure, and their personality will improve through experiencing the sword collection. 

One display are memorial swords ( including one that is especially long and thick ) made by Yanagita sensei which were exhibited at the Tochigi and Ibaraki Hakurankai ( Prefectural exp. ). Other antique samurai items such as armor, tsuba ( a sword guard ), a kago ( palanquin ), hinawajyu ( antique guns ), and a meteor complete the exhibit.


During festival days like the Fuigo Matsuri ( Bellows festival a traditional sword festival ), and New Year’s, there will be iai ( sword drawing ), tameshigiri ( sword testing ), and demonstrations of sword making.

On the MooKa train ( which runs from Shimodate to Motegi ) , the museum can be reached from Kugeta station. From the station, turn left on Route 294 ( the first street you come to as you leave the station ). At the second light, turn left. You will cross a bridge about a kilo later and can see the museum on the right side of the street. If you get lost, you can ask at any of the many businesses in the area or at the train station.

Main Entrance Museum Armours
Meteorite Accessories Tsubas
Swords Swords Weapons

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