Museo Nacional del Prado: The exhibition

Museo Nacional del Prado: The exhibition.

Museo Nacional del Prado

The exhibition

The exhibition will include works made in Spain for the South American market, paintings by European artists working in Nueva España and Peru, paintings by artists born in South America and works made in Europe for a European public but which function to define a frame of reference for the activities of artists working for the viceroyalties.

The scholarly argument of the exhibition will allow for a better understanding of painting from Nueva España and the Viceroyalty of Peru. It is organised into sections that analyse the professional context of artistic production, stylistic development and iconographic issues with the intention of offering a complete vision of origins and influences and of the levels of quality and originality achieved within this chapter of the history of western art.

The exhibition aims to bring the European public closer to an area of 16th- and 17th-century painting that has generally been excluded from the art historical literature on painting, while demonstrating to what degree the Spanish monarchy was a motor for artistic and intellectual stimulus. In addition, it will assist in a better understanding of South American painting, opening up new research paths and offering a clearer explanation of the role of Spain with regard to its capacity to create cultural processes within its territories.

Contents shown below (Sections, List of works, Activities …) belong to the exhibition at its seat at the Museo del Prado. The information on the exhibition at its main seat can be viewed at Palacio Real.

Christ Resurrected. Bernardo Bitti. Oil on canvas, 213 x 117.5 cm. ca. 1603. Arequipa, Compañía de Jesús-Residencia del Sagrado Corazón

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