Washington D.C. National Museum of Crime and Punishment


So Much Fun- It’s A Crime. Museu Nacional do Crime e “Punição” em Washington DC – EUA

Described by Good Morning America as a “must see for CSI fans,” this museum includes a crime lab and the filming studios for America’s Most Wanted. A simulated shooting range, high-speed police-chase, and hundreds of interactives and artifacts pertaining to America’s favorite subject.

A Notorious History of Crime

From medieval knights and greed-driven pirates to today’s white collar criminals, discover the cast of characters in America’s history of crime. Test your Wild West shooting skills, crack a safe, and try to hack into a computer.

Punishment: The Consequence of Crime

This full-scale model police station proves that crime doesn’t pay, with a booking station, police line-up, lie detector test, and replica jail cell.

You will also find the ultimate instruments of punishment, including an electric chair and lethal injection machine.

Crime Fighting

Discover the everyday heroes of law enforcement and the training, equipment and technology they use to keep our world as safe as possible. Experience the exhilaration of high-speed police chase simulators and an FBI shooting range.

CSI Experience

Find yourself in the middle of a fully intact crime scene with fresh evidence. Begin your investigation, using such forensic science techniques as fingerprinting, ballistics, and DNA testing to solve the crime. Learn about famous cold cases and crime in the media.

America’s Most Wanted Studio

Walk onto the actual television set of America’s Most Wanted with host John Walsh and see how community involvement in fighting crime has led to dramatic results, with more than 1,000 fugitives captured. Free child safety initiatives for patrons include a fingerprint station.

viaWashington D.C. National Museum of Crime & Punishment.

local: 575 7th St. NW | Washington , D.C. 20004 | (202) 393-1099

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