Tate Modern – Gauguin


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Gauguin Exhibition London

30 September 2010 –
16 January 2011

10am – 6pm

Tate Modern

Nearest Tube


Age Restrictions

The first major exhibition in London devoted to this master of modern art for over 50 years, the landmark Gauguin exhibition London event explores Gauguin’s innovative and unique method of storytelling.

Gauguin: Maker of Myth
Titled Gauguin: Maker of Myth, the Gauguin exhibition London event features over 100 works from both public and private collections sourced from around the world. The show is organised in collaboration with the National Gallery of Art in Washington, which will host the exhibition after it finishes at the Tate Modern.

Rare insight
Featuring a number of rarely seen illustrated letters, sketchbooks and memoirs as well as watercolour paintings, ceramics and carvings from thoughout Gauguin’s career, the exhibition gives a rare insight into the artist’s working practices and private thoughts. Gauguin was a larger than life figure whose renown as an artist is almost matched by his reputation as a romantic bohemian, and many of the myths and assumptions surrounding the artist are explored in the Gauguin exhibition.

London show
A pioneer of modernism, Gauguin was seen as a radical artist in his time for creating bold, vibrant images. Born in Paris and well known for both his tumultuous friendship with Vincent Van Gogh and his self imposed exile to Tahiti, Gauguin’s work was deeply influenced by everyday life on the South Seas island and the rituals and myths of the Maori culture he found there.

Exhibition highlights
Highlights of the Gauguin exhibition London event include a whole room dedicated to Gauguin’s self portraits, which explore his role playing as a victim, saint, martyr and sinner. Other works on show include some of Gauguin’s famous portraits of Tahitian women, such as the 1893 work Teha’amana Has Many Parents, which has been borrowed from the Art Institute of Chicago specially for the show at Tate Modern.

Exotic images
Exploring Gauguin’s skill as a storyteller who used images to represent the themes of religion, myth, fable and tradition, Gauguin: Maker of Myth features works from the Tahiti period of the artist’s life, which use the plants, animals, people and everyday life of the South Seas island for inspiration. This ties into Gauguin’s earlier work in Brittany, Martinique and Arles.

The Gauguin exhibition London event takes place at Tate Modern from Thursday 30th September 2010 – Sunday 16th January 2011. Standard tickets cost £13.50 and concessions are £10.00.


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