Museu da Comida – Nova Iorque

The Food Museum traz história da comida do ponto de vista novaiorquino e dos principais ingredientes utilizados por lá…


Clicando acima, você acompanha cada seção do museu.

Umami and the NY Food Museum
join forces!
Are you a New York organization looking for
popular exhibitions
for your public space?
In 2008, Umami Food and Arts Festival launched a week of exploration of the connection between food and art, featuring food, art, and art about food. Events push the experience and concept of food to the limits, opening doors for performance, literature, visual arts, music and food transportations. It was a blast, and for 2010, NY Food Museum will partner with Umami to create another sensational week of events. Check here for further announcements!
Talk to us about hosting 100 Years of Joyva!
The NY Food Museum celebrates a century of Brooklyn’s own halvah and candy manufacturer, still family-owned and run after four generations. See giant pillows of sesame honey crunch, perfect oh’s of chocolate coated jellies, and the magical ways of tahini! Tell us your candy stories.
212-966-0191 | e:

Our Exhibitions: (select from the floor plan at the left)
Our newest exhibition, telling the story of activists making sure that farmers and New York families had food on the table, and milk in the glasses. Learn about the Consumer/Farmer Milk Cooperative, a precursor to Community Support Agriculture and part of the cooperative food movement in the United States.
Over Spilt Milk
How New York Ate 100 Years Ago
See how sugar, oysters, beer, fish and more played a big role in NYC history.

See how the largest market in North America fed millions for over 100 years.

And yes, there will be restaurants…
The NY Food Museum’s
Pickle Wing

Check out some stories, and see what’s happened in our nine years of Pickle Day festivals.

Cooking for the Lower East Side
Now a moment
in history, see who was cooking for the Lower East Side residents in 1999
As of 2010, Good Companions is going strong

Past Events
The NY Food museum has 10 years of exhibitions. Contact for any additional information.
The History of the School Lunch Program.
Exploring how local and federal school meals have made a difference for students for more than 100 years.
A mini exhibition about
the rise and fall of the
oyster in
New York Harbor.
If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen!
Restaurant tales collected
at Howl!

Sobre maniamuseu

Maníaco por museus de todo mundo. Eles trazem a história, o futuro, o diferente e a cultura. Entretenimento e educação. Viaje em maniamuseu.
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