Explore a História das Civilizações

The British Museum

Museu Britânico disponibiliza farto material para educadores e interessados na História das Civilizações…

http://www.britishmuseum.org/js/sifr/blissmedium.swfThe Medieval world for KS3 and 4

Explore medieval life around the world, from Britain and Europe to the Islamic and Aztec civilization in the medieval period.

Resources for visits
Classroom resources
Online resources

Resources for visits

Islamic angel

Islamic Civilizations

Explore the medieval Islamic world. Find out about religion, science, Islamic buildings and architecture, travel and trade, courtly life and the Ottomans.

This can be used to support KS3 history: Britain 1066-1500- Richard I and the Crusades, or European history before 1914 – the Crusades.

Download this free resource
Word (1.58Mb) pdf (396Kb)
Aztec turquoise mosiac mask


Explore the Aztecs Empire- its people and society, gods and religious belief, symbols and writing, warfare and sacrifice, trade, art and more…

This resource can be used to support a visit to the Mexican gallery or to prepare for the classroom.

part 1 pdf (6.5mb)
part 2 pdf (5.8mb)
part 3 pdf (5mb)

Classroom resources


Easy to use, self-contained slideshows.

Thomas Becket

The murder of Thomas BecketThis slideshow looks at the medieval passion for relics, and helps students decide what we can say about the shrine of Sir Thomas Becket.

Download: ppt (2589kb)
support notes pdf (33kb)

Medieval loyalty

Seal die of Robert FitzwalterStudying medieval seals and badges shows us how people pledged their loyalty in these often troubled times.

Download: ppt (1253kb)
support notes pdf (32kb)

Online resources

British Museum websites

Tring Tiles

Search highlights of the Museum’s medieval collection online

Discover more about the Museum’s collection. Find detailed information, background articles and images of many objects from the galleries.

Venice trade screengrab

Ancient Civilizations

Explore ancient civilizations from around the world across time.

Italian City States – find out more about Venice and the spice trade.

Other useful websites

The National Archives learning website

British Library – Medieval Realms

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