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The renovated Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum

The Harry Oppenheimer Museum, which was originally opened in the mid-eighties of the twentieth century, has undergone a major facelift and will officially reopen on February 11, 2008.

The Chairman of the Harry Oppenheimer Museum’s Board of Directors and Honorary President of the Israel Diamond Exchange and the WFDB, Shmuel Schnitzer, is delighted with the newly renovated, state-of-the-art museum. “My vision was for the museum to be innovative, a twenty-first century showcase incorporating multimedia, video, laser, and other cutting-edge tools. It is indeed the only hi-tech diamond museum in the world.”

The diamond’s story is as multifaceted as the stone itself. The Harry Oppenheimer Museum takes the visitor on an exciting, interactive journey which follows the rough

diamond through the various stages from its dwelling place deep in the earth’s belly through cutting and polishing to the final stage of the sparkling, decorative gem which has captured the human heart.

Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum

Along the journey, the visitor becomes acquainted with cutting-edge technologies used in diamond sorting and polishing, trading methods, the diamond’s traits and the use made of these qualities.

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The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum

The museum has developed educational programs for school children and high schools students that are based on the concept of incorporation of materials exhibited in the museum within the school’s study syllabus.

Schnitzer says: “We certainly aspire to continue educating children about the diamond and we look forward to welcoming them at the new museum. But we have expanded our target audience to include the general public and visitors at the Israel Diamond Exchange. As it now stands, the museum is the optimal introduction to the Israeli Diamond Industry.”

The museum is named after the late Harry Oppenheimer, Chairman of De Beers and father of Nicky Oppenheimer, the current Chairman of De Beers. Schnitzer notes: “We are thankful to the DTC, which has cooperated closely with us on the museum project. For the changing exhibit they are providing us with jewelry designed by the winners of the Shining Light Awards jewelry design competition held by De Beers in South Africa. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only museum worldwide bearing the Oppenheimer name.”

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The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum

The late Moshe Schnitzer, Shmuel’s father, was the founding father of the Israeli Diamond Industry and served as the Chairman of the Board of the museum upon its inception. “My father was a man of action, so it was only natural that he was the life and soul behind its establishment. But he was also a man of vision, always looking ahead. I believe that we are now making his vision a reality,” says Schnitzer.

The Museum’s Managing Director, Eli Avidar, notes: “The newly remodeled museum is like the diamond, always around and yet always new. Historically, the diamond has always been appreciated. According to the Book of Genesis, the Garden of Eden contained pure gold and precious stones including a shiny, clear stone which it calls a crystal, and which most likely refers to the diamond. The Holy Temple also included an array of unique, precious stones that enhanced its beauty.”

He adds: “At the Harry Oppenheimer Museum we take pride in depicting the historic ties between the diamond industry and the Jewish people. The Museum will undoubtedly play an important role as the gateway to the ever-innovative Israeli Diamond Industry.”

Museu dos Diamantes Harry Oppenheimer

The A Harry Harry Oppenheimer Oppenheimer Diamond Diamond Museum Museu , located in the heart of the Israeli diamond complex in , Localizado no coração do complexo israelense de diamantes em Ramat Gan Ramat Gan , serves as a showcase for the diamond industry in , Serve como uma vitrine para a indústria de diamantes na Israel Israel , which is currently celebrating its 70th anniversary. , Que está actualmente a celebrar o seu 70 º aniversário.

The long established Museum recently reopened its gates after a period of extensive renovation. O tempo estabelecido Museu reabriu recentemente as suas portas após um período de renovação. Diverse aids are utilized to unfold the saga of the diamond and the Israeli Diamond Industry . Diversos auxílios são utilizados para revelar a saga do diamante e da indústria israelense de diamantes . Rare gems, informative stations, video movies and multimedia combine in an exciting interactive experience which maximizes the beauty and glamour of the most precious mineral in the world, the diamond. jóias raras, estações informativos, filmes de vídeo e multimídia combinam em uma experiência interativa emocionante que maximiza a beleza eo glamour do precioso mineral mais no mundo, o diamante.

The visitor to the Museum is taken on an exciting virtual journey. O visitante do Museu é tomada em uma emocionante viagem virtual. He is guided by experts who illuminate the versatile facets of the diamond – how diamonds are created, different mining systems, stages of cutting and polishing, diamond trade and its conduct, characteristics and usage of diamonds in jewelry and industry. Ele é guiado por especialistas que iluminam as facetas do diamante versátil – como os diamantes são criados, os sistemas de mineração de diferentes fases de corte e polimento, comércio de diamantes e seu comportamento, características e utilização de diamantes em jóias e indústria.

Temporary exhibitions in the Museum will illustrate additional angles of the diamond and provide wonderful tools to depict the culture, mystery and prestige which are interwoven into the world of gems, jewelry and man’s great passion – the diamond. Exposições temporárias do Museu irá ilustrar ângulos complementares do diamante e fornecer ferramentas maravilhosas para retratar a cultura, mistério e prestígio que se entrelaçam no mundo de gemas, jóias e grande paixão do homem – o diamante

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