Museu da Moda do Japão

KOBE FASHION MUSEUM is the first museum in Japan to specialize in fashion...

Um museu diferenciado na arquitetura, acervo e interação com o público:

Permanent exhibition
The Fashion Guide 2010
We present to you our collection fovr you to learn the origins of garments with ethnic and historical fashions and textile collections.
Clothing of Napoleon-1
We display the replica of the garments that Napoleon 1 wore during the coronation ceremony held in 1804. French artisans precisely reproduced the replica, which was based on David’s painting.
We show five different structures of clothing, which are quite similar worldwide in most cultures: loincloth, open-top, front-open, wrap-around and figure-accentuating.
Since ancient times, natural dyeing has been done using plants and animal sources. Those textile-dyeing works have kept astounding people with their sophisticated , subtle and profound beauty, selecting colors every season. Additionally, we display textile-dyeing works!!vividly and dynamically colored by synthetic dyes.
We display great textile-dyeing works from four kinds of natural materials: silk, wool, cotton and hemp, depending on the season.
We introduce fashion designers who were symbolic of the 20th century as well as their works held in our collection.
A chronological table of clothing
We display all kinds of fashions, from Robe à la FranÇaise in 18th century to Bustle style in the 19th century, and some changing styles in the 20th century.
Open 10:00a.m.-6:00p.m.
Last admittance is a half hour befour closing.
Closed Wednesdays,!!Thursday if wednesday falls on a national holiday.
Beginning and end of the year.
Admission ¥500 / person
¥400 / person(more than 30 people in a group)
¥250 / person for students below high-school age the eldery(over65)
¥200 / person!! ditto!! (more than 30 people in a group)
Above admission fee include both permanent and special exhibition.
Address 9, 2-chome, Koyocho-naka, Higashinada,Kobe 658-0032
Tel 078-858-0050
Fax 078-858-0058
by train
From JR Sumiyoshi or Hanshin Uozaki, take the Rokko Liner to IslandCenter station. The Museum is only a few minutes on foot to the south-east.
by car
About 10 minutes from “MAYA” or “Uozaki” exits of Hanshin Expressway Kobe-Line.
About two minutes from Rokko Island Kita exit of Hanshin Expressway Wngan-Line.
About 25 minutes from JR shin-Kobe Shinkansen station.
About 40 minutes from the Osaka International Airport Itami.
About 50 minutes from the KansaiInternationalAirport by Airport Bus.

Sobre maniamuseu

Maníaco por museus de todo mundo. Eles trazem a história, o futuro, o diferente e a cultura. Entretenimento e educação. Viaje em maniamuseu.
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