Choco Story – Inauguração Museu do Chocolate de Praga

Inaugurado em 2008, na cidade de Praga, o museu se destaca pelo conjunto arquitetônico e pela proposta de resgate histórico do produto mais adorado e reverenciado em todo mundo…

… veja o texto na íntegra em Inglês:

About the museum

Chocolate has stimulated our taste for centuries: From the spicy drink of the Mayas and the Aztecs to the favourite sweet chocolate that we know at present.

Three of four Europeans love chocolate; therefore the fascination of the unique experience brought by chocolate is unique.

People often ask: “Where does chocolate come from?”, “How did it get to Europe?”, “What is the secret of excellent chocolate?”, “Why was chocolate used as medicine?”

The chocolate museum Choco Story Prague answers these questions and many others by reviving the 2,600-year-old history of chocolate in words, pictures and tastes.

In the museum you will be absorbed by the exciting world of chocolate and using all senses you will be travelling in time. It will be a pleasure not only for your eyes, but also for the nose and the taste.

The museum of chocolate will even deepen fascination of young and elderly chocolate lovers and also those who are only interested in its history. The number of authentic historical artifacts pleases the heart of every historian.

The museum is divided into three parts. The first one deals with history, describing the old history of cocoa as a drink and its way to Europe, the second one shows creation of chocolate including its further processing till the present time, while the third one presents a unique collection of historical chocolate packages.

In the exhibition centre, the visitors will discover the secret of origin of excellent silky chocolate and they will be able to taste chocolate products that are prepared in the museum.

The museum is unique in Prague for its collection and it is without parallel.

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